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Iki & His Mighty Friends (hardcover)

Iki & His Mighty Friends (hardcover)

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Iki and His Mighty Friends Hardcover – Large Print, August 30, 2023

Illustrated by Martha Johnston, Written by Samantha Garcia and Martha Johnston

Bugs… yuck! What are they good for? As it turns out, a lot!

This playful book, written and illustrated by a mother-daughter team, reveals just how important the smallest creatures are in keeping our environment happy and healthy.

Iki is a curious dog excited to grow his first garden this year. But soon after his plants start to grow, he notices some unwelcome visitors: bugs!

Good thing his friend Eddy is here. Eddy is a regenerative farmer who teaches Iki all about how bugs help us. They make soil to grow our food, help flowers turn into fruit, and even make yummy honey.

Kids will love this beautifully illustrated story about the magic of bugs, the wonder of nature, and the power of little things. Iki means “tiny” in Hawaiian, and children will discover alongside Iki how small things can make a big difference.

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